With almost 100 years to their company name Zyloware knows eyewear and what it takes to create a successful family run company. Beginning in 1923 Zyloware has transformed itself into a diverse, multi-branded, affordable eyewear company with a vision that focuses on accessibility to quality eyewear for all. A statement that we can all admire.

 ZYLOWARE was one of the first companies to produce a nylon frame – the Invincible in 1963, inspiring a production trend of rimless eyewear from manufactures all over.  But, it’s the collaborative efforts over the years, that has given them a reputation for innovation. Starting with designer Gloria Vanderbilt and Actress Sophia Loren… Today, we see Zyloware featuring frame lines from fashion designers, Hollywood stars and NBA Hall of Fame, Shaquille O’Neil.

What I love most about this company is the diversity. Zyloware has something for everyone – leaving no one behind. As a part of their mission, the company aims to make frame styles to accommodate a variety of different faces and features - extended nose bridge, longer temples, wider eye-sizes and even petite styles. You could say there’s a frame for every minimalist, show stopping fashionista, trendsetter- those who can still appreciate a vintage aesthetic and everyone in-between. It’s a great benefit that these frames are also affordable in both retail and wholesale pricing, with a higher end frame being around $200!

Let me introduce you to some of the brands for our specific patients.

For the minimalists: Invincilites

Lightweight rimless and minimalist styles for those who don’t want their eyewear to be the main attraction. A frame that allows the wearer to feel like they’re wearing nothing at all.

For the fashionistas and trend setters: Leon Max, Randy Jackson & Gloria Vanderbilt

Fashion-forward, avant garde and maybe a little funky - these brands are for the trendsetters, those who aren’t afraid to make statement with their eyewear and understands that FASHIONABLE and FUNCTIONAL go together perfectly.

Vintage Aesthetics and timeless pieces: Sophia Loren, Via Spiga & Gloria Vanderbilt

No matter what year it is, the vintage aesthetics never really goes out of style. These frames are not just for our older clientele, but for the younger demographic with old souls, our patients who believe that eyewear trends continue to recycle over the years and everything can be seen as timeless.

Everyone in between: Shaquille O’neal, Stetson and Max Studio

Classic and perfect for any day of the week. These styles can be worn by anyone. Nothing to crazy, nothing to boring and very versatile!

VISION EXPO WEST September 18th-21st is a perfect opportunity to explore the 16 collections within the Zyloware family- Visit their booth #18031.

** Not visiting VEW this year?!

Check out the Zyloware Website !

SEPT. 10TH 2019


Facts over trends…The importance of a second pair…

Right now, more than ever, photochromic lenses are making a comeback. People of all ages are using these lenses with the idea that they get two pairs of glasses that provide protection from the sun in one. There was a point in time when it was a real struggle to get someone to try these lenses. Most patients already had the pre-conceived notion that ''they just don’t turn dark enough or get clear fast enough!’' We’ve all been there and heard that... 

(Sometimes I want to say ''Look Bill, we're no longer in the 90s, ok! It’s much better, now!)

Now that there are so many different brands of photochromic lenses, we're seeing a spike in marketing material showing the latest technology used, providing evidence for why photochromic is better, and encouraging buyers to use these lenses over purchasing a second pair of sunglasses. While I am an advocate of these types of lenses, specifically Zeiss Photofusion, I also believe that there are benefits in encouraging patients to purchase a separate pair of sunglasses. Currently, the push for the photochromic addition is causing a decrease in sales for a second pair of sunglasses. Additionally, our patients have a false belief that this addition can be used to replace the benefits of sunglasses. This outcome has brought many thoughts to mind and I’d like to share some facts about each option, so that we can provide the wearer with the best options for both style and protection. 

Opticians, we are to blame for the false 2 in 1 belief 

I know I'm not the only one who's overheard a coworker say something like '' Would you like to add on photochromics, the ones that turn into a sunglass when you go outside.''<--- This is where WE mess up. Feeding patients with the idea that this is a 2 in 1. While the photochromic addition does help a ton with protecting eyes against UV, we need to change our verbiage in order to present the value added benefit of a great pair of polarized sunglasses and increase our second pair sales!

I'm a strong believer that you don't NEED to go into major detail when discussing lens options with patients, unless they ask for it. *QUE ENGINEERS AND PHYSICISTS* In my experience, starting with the frame fitting and then moving into lens options normally runs smoother, especially when you present the patient with what they need and why with a sense of confidence and excitement in the selection. Zeiss PhotoFusion is an add on, it’s not something I would recommend for everyone or every frame - I look at the total picture. Does this patient have light sensitivity, have they worn photochromic lenses before, does the frame style benefit from having this addition? When I feel the patient is a good candidate for this particular add on, then we move forward. If the patient’s needs are not a good fit for this add on, then I move forward with recommending a second pair of sunglasses increasing my capture rate for the additional sale.

Lets talk the facts

Zeiss PhotoFusion

  • Has full UV protection against solar UV rays up to 400nm when exposed to UV

  • Has retention of strong self-tinting performance

  • Ensures an attractive appearance when going from outside to indoors or vice versa

  • Blocks between 20%-30% potentially harmful blue-light indoors and up to 90% blue-light outdoors

Zeiss Polarized Sunglasses

  • Polarization effectively filters light reflections that lead to disturbing glare.

  • 100% protection against UVA and UVB radiation

  • Sharply focused vision

  • Relieves vision in bright sunlight to prevent less fatigue

As we can see, both lenses have similar properties, but it’s safe to say photochromic lenses don’t make up 100% of what sunglasses can provide. An easy way to ask and present photochromic lenses to patients without limiting your chances of a second pair sale would be to say, '' I'm also recommending Photofusion lenses, this lens will self tint in the sun and become clear when you come back in doors, the benefits of this lens is to give you an extra shield of UV protection while in the sun.'' You can then go on to state, ''While Photofusion is a convenient option for everyday use, I highly recommend a pair of Zeiss polarized sunglasses for the clearest and most effective filter while diving and participating in outside activities.''

At the end of the day, what’s important is the patient and their eyes. We must continue to educate in a straightforward way, leading our patient in the right direction without pressure, while still helping ourselves. As a reminder all clear Zeiss lenses come with UV protection, this makes any decision when it comes to lens options a good one! 

Are you a Zeiss partner? https://www.zeiss.com/vision-care/us/for-eye-care-professionals/contact.html





Founded and designed by Jamel Marshall.

As a black optician, it excites me to spotlight POC in the optical industry. As a collective, we are all standing out independently - but making a huge impact together. Creating more space for others after us to shine. 

This is important... Whenever I get a chance to view, see and wear a design that was created by a person of color, I feel honored. Its almost a rarity... which makes it so much more special.

There's some type of indescribable magic within the creation of eyewear.. I respect the process that independent designers take when they really know what they're doing. Jamel Marshall, Founder of Savant & Scholar came from an optical background. Working at some of Chicago's best luxury eyewear boutiques, he found his mark, not only in the fitting/ styling aspect of optical - but in designing for those unique faces he's fitted throughout his years. 

A bold, artistic expression of eyewear. Savant & Scholar is for those of us who crave attention... A collection that is not for everyone, but for someone specific. This is the type of collection you need when wanting to stay away from the mass produced, the ''cookie cutter''. If you're on the lookout for something eye catching, unique, independent -with major attention to detail - style and aesthetic… This collection is for you. An opportunity to step outside the mass produced box you've placed your office in and come into the extraordinary world of independent eyewear with a design and company you can trust. 

I believe that creating an experience by showcasing more independent lines will differentiate your optical from the one down the street... or a couple miles away. Not to mention, eyewear is one of the best accessories you can have. A device that not only protects your eyes and helps you see- but allows you to show your creative side, your individuality. Savant & Scholar screams this: Individuality. 


Do yourself a favor and check out the collection here: https://savantandscholar.com/

MAY 25TH 2019




Springtime is here, which means - the sun is out and we’re all getting prepared and excited for the summer. California weather has been very up and down. Its either cold with rain or warm and sunny. I’ve been very grateful for the true California springtime weather that has occasionally graced us… The weather empowered me to step outside, put on my new classic sunglasses from Christopher Cloos Eyewear, throw on my new tan geo dress from Eleven60 and take a walk in one of my favorite little towns, Point Richmond. A welcoming community within Richmond, CA with art, coffee, pubs and great food.

The Eyewear: 

Christopher Cloos Danish eyewear is taking spotlight in the instagram optical community… So of course, it would be wrong for the Optical Goddess not to review it! The founders of the company were on a beach club in the south of France and said to have made acquaintance with a man by the name of Christopher Cloos, both being extremely fond of his style, character and love for classic and retro eyewear… An eyewear line came into fruition.

With knowing the inspiration behind the collection, I felt a closeness to it. I like eyewear with a story… It becomes more interesting, relatable in a sense… Captured in the photo I am wearing the Paloma, which was named after the beach club that connected the founders to Christopher Cloos. The Paloma is a round zyl frame with a vintage, timeless aesthetic. All of the pieces within this collection are inspired by vintage eyewear designs. Costing between $150-230, they also have a great health aspect of polarized lens options. For me, what makes this line special is that its super affordable. This creates a great balance between high end luxury independent eyewear and low end independent eyewear. This is important to me because not everyone can afford a $650 frame, Christopher Cloos is a great alternative for someone who wants the quality, look and feel without breaking their pockets. I chose the Paloma because I felt it had the most minimalistic look. Most of you know me for wearing evocative, avant garde eyewear designs. Christopher Cloos eyewear gave me the opportunity to try something modern and classic. Eyewear that still makes a statement but in a very soft way. I will say the line is quite narrow, a lot of the frames are for people with smaller faces - luckily, the Paloma is style which looks good narrow so it worked perfectly for me… But for the other designs, I would keep size in mind. I found that the more dominant frame St. Barths is the largest in the collection, but not as faltering on a woman. All in all, I enjoy the quality and feel of the collection, the polishing is very nice, each piece is easy to adjust and RXable. Christopher Cloos is definitely, OpticalGoddess approved.

Dive into the World of Christopher Cloos.

mod. Paloma col. Bourbon

mod. Paloma col. Bourbon

The Geo Dress: 

As a plus size woman, finding the right fit when it comes to fashion can be very hard. For me personally, being more top heavy limits my clothing choices because some things, just wont button up; Oversized has been my go to look in my fashion choices for that specific reason. Its hard to find a ‘’perfect fit’’ for top heavy woman and so when I do come across something thats tight In the right places, loose where it needs to be - but flattering to my shape, I am super elated.

I had came across Eleven60 when searching the web for high end plus-size designers… I needed clothing that would last, materials that would stretch and not wear. Eleven60 came up and I found myself on the website for a long time. My first thought was #YASSSS - way to be real about plus-size woman and showcase models with different body types. We are not all big booty and small waist, so the fact that they showed heavier woman with normal plus-size bodies, I felt that this was a clothing line I would want to support. 

The Tan Geo dress stood out to me the most… I had to have it!The colors and print are exceptional. When I received the dress, it was truly a perfect fit! I ordered the 3X. The silky polyester material made the comfort of the dress the best part. I was able to comfortably move and sway with the dress and when the wind blew, there was magical flow that complimented the dress and the wearer (me). The details made the dress sexy in its own way. Without showing to much skin, the peplum sleeve and the surprise of the bottom of the dress having a peplum style as well, gave this dress the professional, sexy and confident flare it needed. This dress is a total must have for all my plus-size ladies. Something to keep in mind is that the dress is long, so I pared it with some really cute tan and white block heels… What I love most about the dress is the versatility. I can wear it to work, on a date, running errands and on vacation… If I wanted to wear it with sneakers or boots I could or dress it up with heels like I’ve done in the photos!

April 4th 2019


Milan, Italy Feb 2019

Living the Wonder - During MFW at MIDO Eyewear Show.

Recently, I had the opportunity to explore the city of Milan at one of the largest eyewear shows in the world, MIDO. I was humbly sponsored to go on this trip by the ITA (Italian Trade Agency) and give so much thanks to Maarten Weidema of TEF Magazine for arranging this; I am honored that they found interest in my brand and gave me the opportunity to go to MiDO and share it with all of you. 

Before traveling, I did my research on the layout, the exhibitors and what to expect from panels and key note speakers... But the preparation I did, was not enough to get me ready for all of what MIDO had to offer. I was completely wooed.

What I most enjoyed about the show as an optician and eyewear/ eyecare blogger, were the speakers who spoke about things relating to now and the future of eyewear… and of course, the spotlight on independent eyewear designers.

Mido takes eyewear, fashion and trends to a whole new level. Allowing its attendees to dive deep in the optical world and leave the show feeling fulfilled. I was able to bring back so much more appreciation for international, independent eyewear and an added perspective of what fashion eyewear is. As I sit here and type this out, I realize that after living the wonder, the thought of Milano sticks with you forever... Milan, Italy is a beautiful city filled with beautiful people and the love for fashion is felt within the frequency of city itself.

Through photos - I show you how I lived the wonder.. and I hope this inspires a desire to #Livethewonder as well. - I have decided to choose 3 highlights that touched me during this show. This is for my eyewear lovers, the fashion junkies - those who believe in true artisan eyewear designers and who can appreciate the boundaries crossed to create such pieces. I invite you all to experience MIDO if you have not.

I have found that *True inspiration lives at MIDO eyewear show.*

Highlights *

  1. LAB ACADEMY @ MIDO - The noncoforming eyewear artist

  2. WGSN x MIDO - an eyewear forecast for 2020 .

  3. MIDOTV - Optical Goddess Interview


LAB ACADEMY x The Nonconformist

The Lab Academy is where I spent a lot of my time at MIDO. I found myself returning back to that area each day to spent time with each eyewear line. Since I came as press, I tried not to take up to much time out of respect for the buyers that were there. But, each company was so friendly and welcoming. As a first time attendee to MIDO the lab academy gave off a feel of walking into the most avant garde eyewear museum. Featuring the most eclectic eyewear designs and nonconforming designers. As someone who wants to open their own optical boutique, the Lab Academy gave me the inspiration and desire to show the world something interesting, eyewear that is not for everyone- but for someone specific. It made me feel that there should be no cookie cutter lines when there are so many designs that cater the individual! TOP 3 BRANDS I LOVED: KIRK&KIRK, NINA MUR and LOOL


WGSN x MIDO 2020 Eyewear Forecast

Photo from: WGSN website.

During MIDO I had the opportunity to hear WGSN very own Sara Maggioni speak on the 2020 eyeware forecast and what we should all expect for the future of eyewear. I found it quite interesting and very spot on… Sara broke her talk down into three macro trends for the season - Code Create, Empower Up and Designing Emotion. This elaborate presentation was a highlight of my MIDO experience because it shows that MIDO as a whole is very invested in the now and future of eyewear and fashion and they take pride in allowing their attendees to get the inside scoop on these trends. I am honored that I am able to share what I’ve learned from Sara and excited to see these trends come about.

code create.jpg


Code create explores the connection between science, technology and nature, keeping in mind how these change the way products such as eyewear is designed and how consumers dress. Code create focuses on innovative designs and raw, future-facing materials.

* Photo is Pugnale mod. Angolo

Eyewear description:

With its strong and firm character, this eyewear wrap the face emphasizing its features. The structure is plated in 16K pink gold. It is embellished with three-dimensional transparent hand-wrapped droplets. Hand made in Italy


Empower Up

Empower up is said to be youthful and upbeat. Inspired by the influence of generation Z. During the presentation, Sara explained that Empower Up eyewear designs combine playful and sustainable elements.

Photo ref: AfroPunk

Models wearing: (L) GUCCI (R) Unknown


Designing Emotion

Designing emotion is about the connection between the ability to design and the technology to create. How technology and craftsmanship work together and offer a deeper post-purchase connection in making designs that explore imperfections, asymmetry, unique and high end material.

* Photo is Kuboraum mod. A2 BM NM

Eyewear description:



March 15th 2019



Mod. CECIL col. Tiger - Centena Collection

In an eyewear world where mostly everything is duplicated and replicated, Kirk & Kirk has owned their distinctive colorful acrylic aesthetic and ran with it. With 100 years in the optical business, this line has been reinvented and rebranded into something special. Their number one priority is to always produce and manufacture quality products. Kirk & Kirk IS luxury, independent eyewear.


There's something to say about a clean eyewear aesthetic. While the current design concept of Kirk & Kirk stays the same, the dimension of the shapes and colorways pop in their own light, making each piece one of a kind. Not a lot of eyewear lines can stay fresh while being consistent with design, but each Kirk & Kirk frame stays timeless yet feels current; it never gets old. This is the kind of eyewear I appreciate.

All Kirk & Kirk eyewear is handmade in France from start to finish using our unique grade of Italian acrylic. We use acrylic because it is lightweight and incredibly comfortable to wear. It also affords us a beautiful colour palette that you will not find in any other collection.

To sum it all up, this is a perfect POP line for any store that is looking for something unique and wearable. The versatility of Kirk & Kirk is almost perplexing. The shapes are not outrageous which makes these frames a little more accessible for the everyday person, yet still attractive to fashionistas. When I think about who the ideal Kirk & Kirk customer is, I see no limitations. That’s because while this line is super colorful, playful, and unique, the transparency allows its wearer to have a pop of color on their face without overdoing it. The shapes within this collection, though classic in feel, are unique: thick in appearance but lightweight and comfortable on the face. Really a win all around.
Dive into the colorful world of Kirk & Kirk here : www.kirkandkirk.com

FEBRUARY 16th 2019


Using Social Media Influencers to Grow Your Business

That inexpensive online eyewear company you hate so much isn’t just making money from selling low cost eyewear to everyone. Not only is the eyewear accessible to all, but they’re using INFLUENCERS to attract more customers—telling them exactly what to say and how to post. That’s how they’re attracting everyone, in all age and demographic ranges.

Influencers, influencers, influencers! That is the name of the game! Did you know that as a small business owner you can do the same thing?

Listen, I want everyone to be successful. So whether you’re just starting your Optical’s IG or have an active page that’s been around awhile, my suggestions are here to help you. In the world of social media marketing, working with influencers is the way to go, and it’s a big piece of how these bargain companies stay ahead.

While we all believe in the high quality of luxury eyewear and take pride in selling special handmade frames, it’s important to realize that having accessible frame lines in your store help keep those people who want to purchase online eyewear, for a fraction of the cost. People use online eyewear sites because they’re inexpensive and the frames resemble trendy high-end styles. Most importantly, their favorite influencers showed them how easy it was to look that good in inexpensive glasses. When you can’t afford designer prices, looking like you can is the next best thing.

A quick list: Here are 3 of my favorite inexpensive lines to carry!




Instagram influencers are everywhere around the world. Even your small town has an influencer and they’re not hard to find, they use specific search hashtags that millions of people follow and they always tag their location. Using influencers to help promote your business CAN attract more business in your area, because they have a large following for whatever reason, be it because they’re a fashionista, they’re very motivating, healthy lifestyle — Their followers look up to them and become interested in just about everything they are. Especially when it has to do with a product they’re advertising. This boost to your business could happen by simply exchanging a complimentary pair of eyewear for some Instagram promotion! This is a complete win-win for you and them!

Finally, here are my top 3 tips on finding Instagram influencers in your area that could potentially help your business:

1. Use the Instagram Hashtag Search and look for different hashtags relating to your area, i.e.: #sanfrancisco #bayarea #oakland. The first couple photos to pop up are the most popular and show someone with a good number of followers, likes, and engagement.

2. Use the Instagram Places Search and look up small businesses near you. This helps you find people who have promoted local businesses like Philz Coffee San Francisco, Pressed Juicery SF, Rodan & Fields SF, you get the idea.

3. Use a contest promotion! Send out a mass email to your client base and do a giveaway. In exchange for the freebie, ask them to post a photo on Instagram wearing the glasses or contacts they were styled in at your location! This will give your store brand awareness—Normally even someone with a small following will have local friends and followers. Any advertising is good advertising, remember that!

A special tip I have for you on using an influencer to promote your business is doing a Trunk Show or eyewear event and have the influencer as the face of it! What this could do is bring new and different people to your store. The influencer and yourself can create an advertisement and RSVP list with only an exclusive amount of people that can attend, during this ‘’eyewear event’’ the influencer will almost be there as a representation of your store and products. Getting their followers excited to be there and shop exclusively with their favorite instagram fashion/beauty guru. * Cover photo for this blog post is a sample of how this could look for someone in your area! *

This, is perfect opportunity to showcase a new inexpensive line in your store or depending on your demographic, showcase any line!

That’s it for today! Feel free to email me directly if you need any assistance. As always, I’m here to support the independents 🖤

January 31st 2019


For some of us- Zeiss lenses are the #1 choice in lens selection. I currently work at an office that does not have a Zeiss account, but I am able to order the lenses through third party labs. Recently, I’ve struggled ordering Zeiss lenses from private labs, it seemed that orders would take longer or they claim to no longer have access to the lenses… Are you too, wondering why it seems impossible these days to order Zeiss lenses! If so.. let me tell you a little something about why this is happening, how you can get around it and understanding the positive aspect of these changes.

Carl Zeiss has been one of the top leading lens manufacturers for decades. Founded in 1846 by Carl Zeiss himself, the beginning of one of the largest distributors of optical products began! 173 years (and counting) of craftsmanship, innovation, technology, science & optics!

Technology is growing, expanding & evolving; Making certain equipment no longer up to par or up to standards with newer technology- it becomes incompatible. WHAT DOES THIS MEAN? To keep on the subject: Zeiss is continuously growing and expanding its technology to design and produce products (as any company should). This advancement in Zeiss technology is either proprietary to Zeiss or extremely expensive for outside labs to acquire and source. To make things easier and compatible- Zeiss has decided to consolidate its products within Zeiss labs. Third party labs (excluding Essilors owned labs) still have access to Zeiss lenses. They must be ordered completely through Zeiss. In conclusion- most independent labs can still access Zeiss lenses. The exclusivity of its products will extend processing time. But for the best of the best- 10 business days is worth it when you don’t have a direct account with Zeiss!

All in all- the changes within Zeiss are to better serve you. Sometimes the middle man has to be cut in order for quality production to get to you. This is a good thing! BUT REMEMBER- All 3rd party independent labs with previous ZEISS distribution rights can still access these lenses (including insurance mandated labs like VSP & EYEMED). The biggest change is that these 3rd party labs, who were once able to source Zeiss in-house lenses have been converted to sourcing lenses wholesale from Zeiss, assuring its consumers that the quality is 100% up to Zeiss standards!

Exclusivity is nice - when you benefit from it. Having an account with Zeiss not only saves you $$$ on each pair sold, but assures you warranty on the lenses, expedited processing times and access to the best of the best in digital / custom lenses. The best way to get around extended wait times, is going to and through the source directly. Click here to find out how you can become a ZEISS Business Partner.

January 25TH 2019

Untitled Design.jpg

Listen up! Opticians, eyewear stylists, and ECPs. This profession is yours. But what do you want to make of it? Thinking back on the year of self branding, I feel I’ve come a long way and I want to share with you what I’ve learned—the good, the bad, and the ugly. This road to personal branding and a search for some spotlight was not an easy one. But it worked for me through dedication and motivation. 

I want to start out by saying, there’s so much opportunity in this industry to become something bigger. I looked up to others before realizing this is really about ME, who I AM, and what I want to make of it. I learned to take the good with the bad. And that goes for you too, meaning: You want people to know YOU for what YOU do in your industry. So, do you have what it takes, and is this really for you? These are questions you have to ask yourself. Once you start, you have to keep going. You’ll gain followers and visibility. With that, any wrong move you make will be watched and may jeopardize your name or what people think of you…in the end, for me, it was all worth it.

Know your brand.

Who is the Optical Goddess? I get asked this a lot and it’s an important question—My brand is about independent eyewear awareness, industry support, eyewear styling, and inspiring authenticity. I see myself as a public figure, and my instagram page represents that. So, who are you and why are you starting your brand? I hear often that people want to start a social media presence to ‘get free products’ like myself. If this is your ultimate goal, then this might not be right for you. I’ll get into that more later.

I didn’t get to my brand overnight. My instagram started out as just a personal page, not a business one. I’ve always been GODDESSOFOPTIX—but back then I rarely posted anything optical. Then, I started to follow one of the Doctors I worked with, Dr. Fartash. Most of you know her as GLAMOPTOMETRIST. I sat down and scrolled her page to see, for lack of better words, optical fabulousness. She posted great photos sharing not just a fabulous life but informational content. I saw someone to look up to. This person had created a brand that was truly her, found a niche. I wanted that, but how? 

I discovered it was all about putting myself out there. As I’ve mentioned before, if you have the idea that you’re just interesting and people should like you without putting in the work, you’ve got it all wrong. When I first started out, I had the idea to share my love for eyewear and eye-cessories by posting selfies in my eyewear that I’ve collected over the years. A lot of people have the misconception that a selfie is just a quick snap of yourself. Its all about the right lighting, the good angels for your face and size - knowing how to make the product you’re showing off be the viewpoint along with yourself. These days, selfies are work! I’d also post little nicknacks here and there, eyewear inspired. I used my inspiration to motivate me to create something of my own…I didn’t crave to be like those who inspired me, but I wanted people to SEE ME for my passion and what I love. And that’s a key point in this branding journey, BE INSPIRED - BUT DO IT ON YOUR OWN TERMS AND NOT ANYBODY ELSE’S.

However, listen to people trying to help you out. Someone told me that the 9 photos that show up when someone sees your instagram page should tell a story. They should describe who you are, what you are, and what you do. At first, that discouraged me a bit. Creating a story with social media can be difficult. But it’s really all about creating something that stands out, something authentic and appealing to the masses. I switched my page around 3 times before I came up with something…and thats OK. The good news is, you can now archive your photos on instagram instead of deleting them. Sometimes this helps you customize your page layout so you can see different photos next to each other, or even just taking out the old, but not deleting it forever. I learned sometimes I have to switch it up to find what works for me.

Know your audience.

When starting my social media presence, I didn’t set out to receive products from brands. I didn’t even set out to be featured in magazines, I just knew I wanted people to see how passionate I am about my line of work and I wanted to inspire people. I love eyewear, styling, and also helping ECPs through my writing and my point of view. So my photos and posts reflected that. If it was all about free products for me, well we carry some great lines in my office. I could’ve taken some eyewear home, popped out the lenses, and pretended they’re mine to promote a brand. But that’s not authentic and it wouldn’t attract the audience I’m seeking. It’s crucial that you know your brand category and that others know it too.

Visibility means people are watching you—for better or worse.

Shit got real for me last year. Without getting into too much detail, I exchanged some words with the admins of Opticians of Facebook—aka OOF. There was a post mentioning race, and I may have called out some folks in the optical community and shared my not-so-censored opinions about them. What can I say, I’m short tempered and opinionated. I hate seeing unjust things happen, I hate racial posts on optical forums and how people deal with them. However, I’ve learned I should probably not get in the middle of them from now on.

Sometimes when you’re in the spotlight, you have to watch what you say and how you say it. There are consequences to being so visible. After my little OOF rant, I lost about 40 facebook friends and even more followers on instagram. I received over 10 messages from people along the lines of ‘’HOW COULD YOU’’ and then I realized…Most people aren’t going to understand my point of view on this topic, nor did I need them to. It was a personal opinion outside of optical that some of my audience didn’t appreciate. I was putting people in a place to chose a side and with me being new to the scene, it wasn’t in my favor. This taught me that when you have a brand, you have to know when and what to say out loud on social media. Some of those people who unfollowed and unfriended me, I thought were real friends—real supporters. But when my brand is supposed to be about optical and my love for it, shaming people for not having the same perspective just doesn’t fit in. I learned to keep it professional, to not let everything turn into a huge thing, and to speak to people directly when I have a problem. Because my brand and my audience are both important. My following is 60% optical industry. My niche is optical, everything outside of that doesn’t really matter because I do it for my audience at the end of they day. Keeping your audience interested is key, and making sure they see you as a well-rounded, respected, and respectful human is another.

Never be content! 

My last thought—In the world of social media, the minimum is never enough. You want your brand to constantly grow. It took me a whole year to get to 6k followers. The first 3 months I was making 1k a month. It’s slowed down and grew more authentically as my content started to make more sense to the community. Now I have a consistent growth record… I’ve created a brand, switched up my content and made it my own. To the outside world it seems like there’s some kind of trick. But its all on you and how to choose to make your branding your own. You can never be content. Sometimes what you did at first stops working. You’ve got to keep finding innovative ways to gain more of a following, you’ve got to engage and get to know your audience. Being in the spotlight hasn’t been all fun and games, but it’s taught me a lot about myself and given me all the inspiration to keep going. I hope my words offer some kind of support or give insight to what I’ve done to get where I am now. I’ve given you some tools, it up to you what you’re going to do with them.

xxx, Autianna

January 10th 2019



Ah. The new year is approaching and we all know what that means. New Year’s Resolutions & #NewYearNewMe hashtags. A lot of us go through the year dreaming and developing ideas for the future and once December comes around, we tend to jump on this idea that a New Year is a fresh start and time for new opportunity, a time to work on something you’ve been procrastinating...A time to announce your next new idea. I’m here to say: keep that momentum going all year round!

When it comes down to it, these resolutions are things we could be doing all year round. New Year’s Resolutions can be super stressful and create expectations that are too high. Most of us want to bring in the new year with a fresh perspective and clear vision. So, if you want to start your blog or instagram, do it! But don’t go in with the highest expectation that you’ll successfully create an instagram account with a lot of followers and publish your new blog with a lot of page viewers. These expectations hurt when they don’t come to fruition, and it’s so much better when you do something because you genuinely wanted to and worked hard on it. Don’t just do it to meet a big goal that could potentially be unrealistic. In other words, there’s no need to reinvent yourself to be successful.

New year, new me? What does that mean anyway?! The start of a new year is more so a continuing chapter...not a new book. I believe when we accept that a New Year is about continuous time, then we can accept ourselves as we are and not become a new person, but a better version of ourselves. Just add a new chapter.

Along with that, stop procrastinating. Look, I know what you’re thinking. The audacity I have to say such a claim, when I haven’t updated my blog for months. But that’s exactly why I say it. This is something I’m continuously working on...it’s hard, I know! But think about how much you can accomplish when you just do those things you envision. When you find time for yourself to achieve these goals!

New opportunity is always around us... change your perspective and you will see...

When you look in the mirror what do you SEE?Take this time, as we come into this new year, to reflect on (but not obsess!) over some of the mistakes you’ve made or goals that weren’t exceeded. The time is right now, not January 1st, to make some personal changes. Don’t be so hard on yourself, it’s OK. And there’s always time while you’re alive to “Carpe Diem!”

With love,

Autianna aka Optical Goddess

December 31st 2018


Personalized Selling

One of the most rewarding parts about being an optician is not just giving people the gift of clear sight but making them a happier person. I enjoy every part of this process from styling to discussing lenses. But once we find the perfect pair, it’s the smile upon my patients’ faces that really makes it all worth it. I LOVE seeing others’ joy. I also enjoy taking people out of their comfort zone and allowing them to see the beauty in themselves. It’s super rewarding to see a patient this happy in something different that I helped them choose, something they wouldn't otherwise choose for themselves.

As ECPs, mainly opticians and eyewear stylists, it’s crucial that we understand that what the patient or client thinks they want isn't what they will always get. Our customers will tell us their idea of what they want and the style they see themselves in, but it’s OUR responsibility to point them in the right direction. Sometimes, that’s nowhere near their comfort zone. I know there’s a time and a place for everything, and you may feel like someone working in a conservative office just can't do with the funky and can only do classic, minimal pieces…NOT TRUE!

For me, frame styling is a mixture of getting to know your patient’s lifestyle, personality and then judging them yourself. Don't be afraid to take them outside of the box. What do you have to lose? Not a sale, and let me tell you why… 


I give customers what they want to see, something slightly different, and then something that’s completely opposite of what they said they wanted. This helps with gaining your customers’ trust. They see you’ve listened to them and that you've taken the time to find other options for them as well. People enjoy a customized experience and it’s our job to give it to them! 

As an example, here are 3 frames that could potentially be selected for the same customer. * Patient is a younger mid 30's lawyer who likes to keep it classy. She wants to be taken serious in her field, but also wants people to know she's got style. She plans to wear her frames at work, home and occasionally going out. -- These are the kind of people who need a good versatile frame. Versatility doesn't mean boring... I would first pull the Salt Tina frame in black which is modern and classic with soft feminine angles. Secondly, I'd pull the Oliver Peoples Arella in black which is a sexy vintage inspired cat eye, this frame can make a bold statement but it can easily be worn with confidence. Lastly, I'd pull the l.a Eyeworks Horse shoe in the color turtle split, this frame is a lot of fun - its larger and deeper but since its thin it won't take up to much of the face; Sophisticated in design and color this frame would be a perfect pair to the early 30 year old woman who craves to show an equal balance of seriousness in her field but glamour in her style.

Try doing this next time you're doing a frame selection. Let me know how it goes. Watch how the experience becomes more personalized and the patient has more fun choosing glasses. For some people, this can be a stressful process. Do the work, let them know what looks good and why. Make sure its memorable and see them come back for me! xoxo

JULY 10TH 2018




So what up with this optical hustle I’ve been talking about all over social media? The optical hustle is for those of us who strive to be better ECPs. For those of us who are tired of working the same 9 to 5 but can't seem to leave it, who enjoy the refreshing feeling of a different office. And (also/especially) for those of us who want to own their own optical business, so we need perspective and knowledge from different owners. And I'd be a fool to forget, the optical hustle is for the real hustlers out there who could never turn down an extra dollar.

If you’re anything like me it can be hard to stay content in your position at work. We all know that work can be extremely stressful sometimes, even if we love it, and the optical hustle is no different. We’re having to deal with double the amount of patients the doctor sees, angry progressive wearers, the never ending non-adapt and the indecisive person who comes in every week for over an hour and still can’t make up their mind. To top it all off, we sometimes just don't get along with our bosses and need a break from that same ol’ environment.

I don’t know about you, but I literally have days where I can barley make it in, and it’s simply because I’M TIRED OF IT. Come on, we all have those days. I’m grateful for my career, but I DO get so bored with it…And it’s not optical as a whole, but little things in my office that get to me. Doing the same thing, looking at the same frames, knowing a frame that would be perfect on a patient but not having it in the store. Anyways, when I do feel that my job is getting me down or I’m having a hard week, a change of scenery always helps!

Since I crave so badly to be a business owner, I found that working for other offices has helped me a bunch. I definitely think it’s important to do your own research on owning your own business. But what’s been beneficial to growing my business sense has been working for other offices, especially in offices that inspire me or give me motivation to work for myself. Currently, outside of working my full-time job, I am working at Looksie Optometry. The office is legit, #opticalgoals. The diverse and in-depth collection of independent eyewear along with the aesthetics of the store bring me so much happiness and inspiration. Dr. Tran of Looksie Optometry knew exactly what she was doing when she opened up her practice. The store has an optical art galley vibe and the way she does her merchandising and visuals really captures each patients interest, from the outside looking in, you feel like a kid looking in the window of a candy store—you must go in. And that’s the vibe that I enjoy. It’s so refreshing after a long stressful week at work to work in her office and just feel a vibrant environment.

This is not to downplay my current role as an lead optician and buyer. I love what I do and I’m very happy with it. But I know that for me to be happy, I must continue to learn and be inspired and motivated. After a while, I start feeling bored with my environment and switching it up on the weekend and learning a new and different way to do business has been super helpful. Not to mention, the extra pay I'm getting from my side job is put away in my savings for my future store!

All in all, the Optical Hustle is a movement I've created for my myself to stay inspired and stay determined to being able to afford and successfully open my own optical. I hope this has inspired some of you to try this. It’s the little things, like ending your work week at a place that really inspires you that makes your 6 day work week worth it.

JUNE 27TH 2018


Pushing the Bar With Ophthalmic Expertise

Let’s talk about getting creative with lenses beyond just styling our patients in amazing frames. A bold way to express your patient’s style through eyewear is not just in the frame selection, but in the lens choices as well… Its time to push the bar! Conversation pieces no longer stop at the frame itself, but in the lenses too! 

As an optician I spend a lot of my time styling people in amazing eyewear. After that I normally go over lens choices with the patient. It’s important to find the option that’s best for their lifestyle and everyday needs! We as opticians recommend anti-glare coating to all our patients, and oftentimes even give them the option of transition lenses (lenses that react with UV rays to create a nice, protective tint in the sun). But why stop there? I think its time we really take our expertise to the next level and give our patients more choices with lenses. Tinted lenses aren't always for sunny days, but for people with general light sensitivity or dyslexia. Of course, they make a great fashion statement too!

I’ve been experimenting a lot with lens tints and have been pretty happy with the results. Pictured above is me on the right and Brett from Garrett Leight on the left. We’re both wearing our everyday pairs. Im wearing a CR39 digital lens with a 1.5 base curve, purecoat ar, 1/2 of a blue 1 solid tint, transitions signature grey and a silver flash mirror! Brett is wearing a Badass Lab 1.60, 1.5 base with deadstock Zeiss GET (gold ar) with a baby blue gradient tint. Our distinctive frames and lenses create a conversation with the public, making others ask, ‘’What type of lenses are those?’’ and creating an opportunity to educate them. Not only that, but even with a tint, they look really good indoors! I totally get that tinted lenses aren't for everyone; like a lawyer couldn't walk around in the courtroom wearing a thick black cat-eye frame with a soft rose-gradient lens and be taken seriously…BUT, that’s why there’s back up pairs, which I promise to talk about another time…Anyways, I think it’s time for us to explore more lens tints and coating combinations! I think in doing this, you'll create a fun, experimental experience with your customer, and they will be as excited as you are to see the result. In 2018 and beyond, eyewear styles are going to constantly change and recycle. Let’s create some amazing lenses that will be remembered in the future!

FEB 24TH 2018



AHH! So I am super excited to be attending my first ever VEE in this coming March. Last year I had a blast at Vision Expo West in Vegas. I was grateful to be able to experience that conference—It was so amazing to see some of my favorite eyewear lines including but not limited to LAEYEWORKS and ANDY WOLF, buy new frames for my store, and meet people from social media!

Since Vision Expo West, I've really been working hard on branding myself through social media and networking with more people about my vision and what I want to achieve in the next year or two. So, I plan to make this trip to New York about further exposure and networking. I’m stoked to engage with others and find more inspiration among other creative and talented individuals!

I feel like anyone who has the opportunity and/or the money to go to VEE should not pass it up. Who doesn't want to be informed and inspired by new, innovative technology and eyewear? Who wouldn't want to know the steps other eye care professionals took to become successful? And let’s not forget to mention the parties, exclusively for optical folks! I think everyone could use a dose of Vision Expo. I am so excited to be attending and I'll definitely be making a post about my experience, what I learned, and what all I will do with the information gathered from my experience there.

Are you thinking about attending? Stop thinking and make the best decision of your optical life! Click the button below to sign up, take some classes, and look through the vendor list! I promise, you won’t want to miss this!

FEB 3rd 2018



I’m obsessed with flea market finds lately. I’ve taken an interest in hunting for copycat, ‘'knock off'' designer eyewear. Although the quality and feel of these frames are so, so cheap, these frames are great visual duplicates to match very expensive high fashion eyewear. Having these $5.00 duplicates gives everyone the chance to rock rad glasses without having to spend too much. Because lets be real, not everyone can afford the real thing...And this Optical Goddess will never be too good for a duplicate or a ''fake''. Good fashion doesn't have to be expensive. Express yourself however, and if you can do it on a budget, then good for you!

I’m super excited to start researching cheaper options for frame choices to share with you all! I do want to make it very clear that these frames are for fashion purposes only. And, unless otherwise stated by an eye care professional, I wouldn't suggested getting prescription lenses in them. Cheaper frames like these have a high breakage rate during lens insertion.

FEB 1ST 2018



Ophthalmic frames are glasses that normally have clear lenses. On a shelf at a glasses store, the ophthalmic frames are the ones that are clear, sunglasses are tinted lenses. Ophthalmic frames can be expensive, and often the options are limited. That’s why I sometimes find a sunglass frame that works for my face shape and see if I can make it work with prescription lenses. That brings me to these Chanel frames I’m wearing in the photo above, the CHANEL 4227Q col. C124Z. More on those in a bit. I’m always on the lookout for what’s new in eyewear and how brands are evolving. Chanel is an iconic brand known for their timeless designs in fashion. Lately I’ve been admiring Chanel for stepping outside of their signature looks and going for new, chic, and trendy. Don’t get me wrong, it’s important to stay true to the roots, but fashion evolves based on brands exploring what’s new and exciting right now. I admire designers who have the ability to grow, but never lose their original vision. Chanel has mastered this and I, as the Optical Goddess, am truly proud!

Getting back to the topic at hand—how do you turn sunglasses into ophthalmic frames? Well, for me personally I enjoy the look of a large frame. That’s why I find myself navigating to a sunglass frame a lot. I think it just makes more of a statement on me. The Chanel frames I'm wearing above come with a really nice polarized grey gradient lens! Since I like the look of them as sunglasses and clear, I thought to myself: ''How can I do both?'' The best decision to achieve both looks was to do a clear lens with a good anti-reflective coating and add transition lenses. An anti-reflective coating reduces glare and enhances the cosmetic look of the frame. Transition lenses allow me to achieve a cute, clear lens for indoors, and then as soon as I step outside, the lens reacts to the UV light of the sun and turns into a beautiful grey. Although this does not make up for having a really nice set of polarized sunglass lenses, I still get the look I want and a decent amount of UV protection! The best of both optical worlds :)

JAN 30th 2018




As a young adult, I've thought a lot about this question. You're probably wondering why I think this is the most valuable question? Well, there is something to be gained from this—hear me out. I want to share my perspective and my story with you all. The main reason this is such a valuable question is simply because whatever you choose to do, your future is at stake so you must choose wisely. Do what you love? Do what pays? 

Let’s say you do what pays...think about how life might be as you travel down the road of '' MONEY AND HAP....TEMPORARY HAPPINESS ''. Because it’s safe to say that money doesn't buy happiness. We can look at some Hollywood stars as an example of this (ie Amy Winehouse, the money and fame did not bring her happiness.) We see some with all that money, living their best lives, while others struggle to find happiness. We're not talking about 60k or even 100k a year, we're talking about millions of dollars and still being completely unhappy. Do you ever wonder why? Maybe they started young and their parents pushed them to do it, or maybe they were just really good at performing and then after fame, it got really overwhelming? I realize that some of these people were once happy with what they do, but can we assume that after a while...the money means nothing and sometimes there's other things they'd rather be doing with their time?

So, maybe you should do what you love? You want to open your own store/ boutique. You've got no money to do it, you won’t be designing the product sold in your store, but you love to style people! Unfortunately, you feel like there's no way to reach this goal unless you either A. Win the lottery or B. Get someone to invest in your idea. What do you do? You don't want to go to school for business - you think its a waste of time... What other options do you really have? This is when reality sets in. Unless you're rich AF, you've got to work your way up. Your idea and concept might be amazing, but does that actually mean you'd be ready for it, if it was handed to you? Probably not...And why do we want things to happen for us so easily? Why do we want people to do it for us? I see so much beauty in the process of growth and you should too! Don't rush it!

Doing what you love and doing what pays are one and the same. But you’ve got to work hard for both and be committed to the big goal. 

I know you've heard of the saying ''started from the bottom. '' Well that’s probably the realest statement i've ever heard! Once I fell passionately in LOVE with optical, I knew I wanted to be a business owner. I learned business strategies from various employers, brainstormed many ideas and felt like I had it all planned out. I just needed one thing, the money to do it. And honestly, I still do!

A little backstory on my life is that I worked my first optical job at LensCrafters making $10. I got the hookup to working there because my mom was the regional manager with Luxottica. Working at LC supported me with my bigger goal at the time and that was to be a famous photographer. I left LC to attend art college in Baltimore at Maryland Institute College of Art. I really wanted to be a famous editorial fashion photographer, so art college was the best route for me to take to achieve that. Surprisingly, I spent one year in college and ended up leaving because I didn't feel fulfilled anymore. As you can see, I cannot do ANYTHING unless I'm passionate about it 100%! I wasn't making any money, people weren't as interested in my work as they were before college and I felt super intimidated by all the other amazing art students. So I left, the passion was gone and I went back to working in optical. It was there, at LC that I felt like I was doing what I really enjoyed and I was making money doing it…

As I grew with LensCrafters and became more knowledgeable in what I was doing, that $10 was not enough anymore. Was it time to give up my new passion and find something else that would pay better? I really questioned my journey so many times and thought about finding a new career path. I felt like I wasn't making good money anymore, people didn't appreciate me for what I was doing and there were so many other opticians around me who were older and wiser and making better money than me. I again felt intimidated. But this time, because I was older, I used that intimidation to motivate me...and the doubt that I once had became hopeful thoughts. I was determined to be great. I was motivated by those around me who were doing better and I asked questions about how they got to where they were, plus took real mental notes.

The process of growth is really essential to your success. You have to learn how to master turning your negative thoughts into positive ones, be able to understand that nothing comes easy in life and accept the journey. Most people have to work really hard to be successful. I've second guessed myself and talked myself out of dreaming big multiple times. Slowly but surely I learned more, did more and gained more. Sometimes doing what you love and getting the pay you deserve seems extremely unattainable, but I'm here to say now, that its not. I've worked hard to be where I am today and it wasn't easy—plus I've still got a long way to go and more knowledge to gain! But accepting the process was the first step.

JAN 28TH 2018