Never let your personal challenges get in the way of manifesting your desires and dreams. You are strong, you are beautiful, you are an inspiration, you are a creator, you are recognized, you are loved and you deserve nothing but to live your best life.
— Autianna Wilson



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Dedicated to her line of work as an optician, Autianna Wilson is the Optical Goddess. Known for her exceptional skill in frame selection, lens knowledge and uncensored honest opinions on eyewear/fashion, she is killing the game. Autianna enjoys funky, fresh and new eyewear and is always on top of whats trending. She is most recognized for her wide selection of selfies x glasses and eclectic style.

Outside of her life in the optical industry, Autianna is passionate about plus-size fashion, makeup and being an inspiration to all, especially those living with rare chronic autoimmune diseases. Passionate about Inspiring herself and those around her to not let illness and/or insecurities get in the way of a positively happy- successful life!

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